A simple profile made of static dark red effect and a bright red ripple effect that repeats itself 3 times, imitating Redstone from Minecraft.


Two different wave effects coming from the left with a subtle trail gradient underneath one of them, a Gradient effect from blue to yellow then back to blue on the Corsair logo and media keys and a sparking ripple effect that repeats twice, personally this is one of my best profiles yet.


My attempt at making the Thermite Breach Charge from Rainbow Six Siege

TFT Keymap

For those who love TFT, i made a profile with the colour of LOL Launcher, the keymap of the shortcuts of the game that you can easily modify yourself and bonus, i added the Initials of TFT appearing on the numpad !

The profile was made on K95 Plat, m65 pro Mouse, 4 LL120 fans and 4 Led Lightning strips.

Enjoy and cheers !