Space Dreams

Beautiful blue and green for mouse and keyboard. Like my other but a little different.


This profile also supports the Scimitar as it uses the side number pad 1-9 for the numbers 1-9 for in game selection of weapons, for the engineers building, and for the spies cloaks, and anything else in-game that uses the numbers 1-9.

Vapor Dream Edited

Same as vapor dream but edited timing as well as an effect for the Polaris mouse pad.

Metal Gear Solid V: TPP & MGO

Profiles for MGS fans like me.The TPP layout uses the Big Boss' arm as principal color palette, gold from the infiltration suit of Ground Zeroes (rings on upper arms and thighs) and a cyan from the iDroid with wave effect from the pressed keys (and for the keys in the simple layout).The MGO layout as a difference from the TPP, has a more neutral color palette, based lightly from the teaser wallpaper, with the cyan of Team Solid (and iDroid) and the orange of Team Liquid in the simple layout.Obv you can change colors to comply your favorite team.Enjoy.The zip has 2 profiles, so it's up to you to switch off the keys and toggle the simple layout. You can simply make a copy for switch between gaming/texting.The video shows TPP gaming/texting, MGO gaming/texting. Keyboard is not centered because my smartphone makes fun of me.ANSI users may need to tweak something since is made with an ISO Italian layout.