Marvel Universe (12 Profiles)

The ultimate collection of Marvel Universe themed profiles. RIP Stan Lee, You will be missed!

Heart Monitor

Heart is in the middle of the keyboard then a line going through the heart and spikes every now and then. Before you do all this I would like to contact you over discord because I have a picture of the original one and I would like for you to make it better. You can find me on your discord TheLegend69 #7134. Thank you.

Blue Kaioken

Hey Alex! I was wanting a Dragon Ball Z theme for my k95 plat, 2 ll140 fans, 4 LED strip, 2 rgb pro memory, and h115i pro devices. I'm giving you full artistic freedom. I was wanting the theme based around Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken. Here is a clip to reference If you could somehow incorporate a Kamehameha or even goku when he's powering up that would be a plus! Thanks!

Gradients (9 Profiles)

A set of 9 static gradients carefully handcrafted across all iCUE devices. This is for people who like subtle non-moving profiles.