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An advanced and up to date audio visualizer for Corsair RGB devices.

(iCUE 3) Corsair Profiles Package

A package of 271 of my Corsair Profiles found on this page. This is a great way to support my content and in return save yourself some time from downloading one by one and importing one by one with icons + backgrounds automatically imported for you. I've included individual files for each cuefolder in the event that icue is crashing when attempting to import my cuefolders. The individual files will also automatically import icons and backgrounds just like the cuefolders.


"Alex why are you naming so many profiles after food?"


(iCUE 4) Corsair Profiles Package #2

This Patreon package includes 60 profiles that have been updated to support the new MM700 and K65 Mini and also work only for iCUE 4. The profiles in this pack include the Neon Collection, Sunset Collection, and 36 other popular themes.

White To Red On Tap


""Do have a small request for a profile. I really like my current profile which is just a completely solid white lighting. Recently you made a blue/white reactive profile for somebody else which I quite like. I would love to get that in reverse with all the keys white and reacting into red upon key press."

Killing Floor 2 Keymap


"Hello krazykid thanks for doing all these profiles. I was wondering if you can make a profile for Killing Floor 2."

Purple-Blue Waves


"Could I have the PurpleRed profile in PurpleBlue, same effects and all. Perhaps it would work that way?"



"Is there any possible way to recreate the glowing lights shown in the first 4 seconds of this episode from Clannad (Link not available anymore) for the K95RGB? It would be much appreciated."