Star Citizen Advanced Keymaps

Requests:"I am running a game called Star Citizen 3.0a which has 3 play modes within the game. I had a go at setting it up myself but I could not get my head around the CUE2 software. I would like to be able to set 3 different keyboard lightings for each play mode and toggle between them using the F10 key (which is not used within the game) My keyboard is the K65 LUX RGB. I have 3 screenshots of the CUE2 lighting that I would like set up, would it help to upload/e-mail them to you. I am happy for the keys to be lit in one colour to start with, I would change colours as needed. The screenshots are called 'On Foot', 'Ground Vehicle' and 'Flight'. Before the game starts I would like all keyboard lights on in white, and when the game starts I want the ‘On Foot' layout to be used. When the game exits I want the keyboard lighting to return to all keys lit white.""Please I would like you to do a full star citizen profile for strafe rgb"

Waving Canadian Flag


Waving Canada Flag, I've seen you do it before, but I can't find a place to download it.

White To Red On Tap


""Do have a small request for a profile. I really like my current profile which is just a completely solid white lighting. Recently you made a blue/white reactive profile for somebody else which I quite like. I would love to get that in reverse with all the keys white and reacting into red upon key press."

Persona 5

I would love a Persona 5 theme for my 95 keyboard. If it could be the logo or something I just love your designs with these colors help ya mans out?