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200 RGB Profiles LT100 Update

Hey guys, here are the same profiles from the last profile update now updated to support the new Corsair LT100. I've also added support for 8 rgb ram sticks and all asus motherboards that were not supported in the past.

RGBeat | Corsair Audio Visualizer

An advanced and up to date audio visualizer for Corsair RGB devices.



"Any chance you could make a horizontal scrolling Wisconsin logo?"

Kingdom Hearts

Hey Alex I am a big fan of you're profiles and I was wondering if you could make a kingdom hearts themed profile. It is one of my favorite childhood game series. I think a lot of people would like one beside me as well, because of kingdom hearts III coming out soon. I currently have a k95 RGB Platinum, Dark core RGB, MM800 RGB Polaris, and ST100 RGB. I do plan to upgrade to a scimitar and add fans and RGB LED strips. If the hardware details help. I was Thinking of something to do with the kingdom key with a little bit of back lighting with some of you're creative flair.

Static Cyan


Could you possbly make me a cyan - blue themed profile? re did my setup and need some lit :fire: shit slaped on my keyboard, preferbly a static profile. Maybe some cyan ish twinkle reaction when tapping on kb

Loose Reality Inc Scrolling Text

Created during this twitch stream:


Could you make a scrolling word effect for me? I have been trying to do it myself but i just am no good at this! "Loose Reality Inc" or "A Loose Reality Inc" or just " A Loose Reality" If possible with uppercase and lowercase to appease my god awful OCD? The background colors can shift, pulsate whatever you think is best or works best with scrolling letters like that, so long as the test letters are red, everything else is up to you, and is for my own personal business I started as a kid in 1997, and have been working for ever since, I am DYING for a cool effect like this, is it possible or just too much to scroll?