Rainbow Six Mira

Created during this twitch stream: https://youtu.be/DvYTruGOA3E


Can you make a mirror icon fro rainbow six? It looks like this: https://images.app.goo.gl/Qf1dqiPTFS5fwXyP7also can you could use the knight rider strobe for the top of the keyboard and the fans as well? Just make them purple, grey and white.

Dark Lava 2


"Hey, a few days ago you made me this Darker Lava profile using red and pink, instead of orange. and the colors were perfect, but after a few days of using it I realized the animation on it was very empty, at least when compared to ones like the poison pool or original lava profiles. Could you make it so the animations were more active and persistent?"

Demo Mode 2

Inspired by the original Demo Mode

COD WW2 Keymap

Please can you make a Call of Duty WWII profile for K65 Rapidfire? Preferably with highlighted keys for things like WASD. But don't make it too over the top... i like minimalistic :D (but with a bit of action on it)