In the game of Mass Effect there is an elite of elite groups who bear the N7 logo. Could you make a static similar colour one to this. White N7 and a red triangle, maybe the stripe to. If you search for N7 as images in your search engine youll find loads of examples. Im using a K70 keyboard.


Created during this twitch stream: https://youtu.be/DvYTruGOA3E


Hey alex, could you make a Profile for the LED stripes that looks like Water or like the "shadow" in a Aquarium? Thanks!

League of Legends Collection (62 Profiles) (Latest: Tryndamere, Garen, Irelia, Lissandra, Evelynn, Kai'Sa, Lucian, Pyke, Xerath, Rengar,)

Currently, this contains champion specific animations for 62 league of legends champions, includes corresponding icons and backgrounds for each. This download link will be updated as I add new champions to the collection.
Use this for maximum fun with these profiles: https://alex.krastev.org/users/profiles/696/profile

Ambient Lava


"I was wondering if you could make a profile that's somewhat like lava, except a base orange colour that pulses perhaps? Basically, I'd just like a slow, ambient profile."