Snowy + Obnoxiously birght christmas 2019

Snowy: it's a rather simple profile but I like it. it mainly consists of rain effects and gradients.

Obnoxiously bright Christmas 2019: pretty similar to the original but I added a void pro audio visualizer into the middle of the keyboard and mainly just cleaned up the mousepad lighting and made it more similar to the other obnoxiously bright profile that I've made.

Daylight Cycle

A daylight cycle with a Sun and Moon that go in an arc around the space bar wasn't too sure what to do for the mouse and mouse pad so I just made them the colour of the "sky".

I have now updated it to be a folder including only the night and only day along with the complete profile so you can now pick and chose what you would like to use. (Video coming soon I'm trying to learn how to edit videos) (... you know what don't couint on a video for this one)

A Obnoxiously Bright Christmas

If you liked My Obnoxiously Bright Colours Profile, Chances are you'll like this one. Why? It's because this profile is that profile but all spruced up with Christmas Colours for the holiday season!

Obnoxiously Bright colours

Just a profile I made a while ago the title says obnoxiously vibrant but I personally don't find them that bad.

I doubled the tail of the rainbow ripple and doubled how long it last so it will be so it looks a lot smoother than before. also, the new version has a void visualizer effect because this is m,y main profile I use and I like it.