Rainbow Ripple

This profile is a white lit keyboard but when you press a key a rainbow fly's out and glides across your keyboard, it also has Red flickering effects over the whole keyboard!
The Corsair Logo is a rainbow gradient by itself.
I noticed that I couldn't find any profile like this so I decided to make one myself, I hope you enjoy!

Dutch Flag!

The Dutch flag on your keyboard! The Corsair Logo is pulsing in Orange! Ripple effect added + Key changes to a certain color on a key press!

Steven Universe Version 2.1

Updated Steven Universe keyboard profiles featuring Bismuth! Enjoy!

Featuring in order:
Steven's Shirt
Amethyst's Torso
Bismuth's Head
Garnet's Torso
Jasper's Face
Lapis' Back
Pearl's General Motif
Peridot's Torso
Rose Quartz's Stomach

Rainbow Six: Siege (Default Keys)

Rainbow Six Key Map