DrDisrespect Champions Club

Violence. Speed. Momentum.
The Champion Club lights turn on as the 2x Back to Back 1993, 1994 Blockbuster video game champion enters the Arena in his Lamborghini Diablo VT.
Video shot in LCD LED 1080p 3D Sony technology
Enjoy (K95 Platinum keyboard)

iCue Color List

This profile only contains static colors, 263 of them. This is a color wheel, or color palette to help create new profiles. Sometimes it is hard to find just the right color and this will help. This is something I am making as I build more profiles, don't expect much.
(Updated October 11th, 2020)

Cold Beer

I liked another users beer idea and added it for my keyboard.
Audio visualizer for bubbles.
(K95 Platinum keyboard)


Based off an old Nickelodeon Keyboard. Use arrow keys to dump some slime!
This profile has actions to map macros to the up down left right keys for the "slime" effect.
(K95 Platinum keyboard)