Apex Legends Caustic

Inspired by his yellow gas, this toxic rgb scheme for Caustic was super fun to experiment with.

Apex Legends Banga V2

Update with better smoke layers and an added ultimate animation! Enjoy


Starts dark, then pops into a basic spiral rainbow and fades out slowly. Surprise mother father!

Rocket League v2

A countdown to the game we love, a ball flying into the opponents net, a goal explosion going off, all on repeat, to help you win your Rocket League match. Can switch between orange and blue team, to have your keyboard match the team you are currently on.

I made this profile for my Corsair K65 Lux RGB Keyboard, so I am not sure what other devices work with this profile. Please let me know what keyboard you tried this profile on, and whether or not it worked.

This is the same lighting profile as I previously uploaded, just wanted to have a better Profile Icon. Also, it doesn't go back and forth between blue and orange as shown in the gif, I just wanted to show the design for both sides in the Profile Icon, you will have to switch between the two on your own as stated above.

For some reason the action to switch between the two sides by pressing Pause Break doesn't seem to save when exporting the folder, will post video on how to set that up. Will also try to figure out how to get it to work properly if possible. You can still switch between the two within the folder inside the Corsair Software, or set up the Pause Break switch on your own.