World of Tanks Keymap


"Hello, if you could something for World Of Tanks layout :P"

Green Purple Wave


Hello, If you have spare time can you please make a profile with a static green (based on hex 39ff14) with a cool wave of purple (based on hex 4400ff). Thank you for your time.

Red And Blue Marquee


I'm trying to see if it is possible to create an icue profile for my RBG vengeance memory. That's the only component that I have. I'd like it to mimic the marquee, but alternating red (ff000) and blue (000ff). The Rain effect is pretty close, but it's randomized. I'd like it synced across all 4 sticks. Basically, a combo of the rain and marquee with those colors. I hope that makes sense. I've messed with icue a bit and I'm pulling my hair out.


This profile was part of a team project, you will see the name of a contributor next to each lighting effect. We had a lot of fun making this profile and hope you will all enjoy this!