Slow Aurora Wave

Based on Slow Mega Rainbow profile, but with aurora borealis like colour scheme. Subtle ripple effect on key press. Video of profile here

Super fast rainbow keypress! (WASD lit up)

KEYBOARD LOOKS >, R and SHIFT are pink, Little white keypress above the rainbow effect. the raindobow effect is really quick to not make it fully rainbow while in game, so you will see one quick flick. You can slow the rainbow down if you please with the ripple effect in the lightning can change the keypress colour aswell in the first ripple effect. simply just change the 3 square to the colour or colour fade you please :) There is a small wave on the F- Key's for afk looks, you can change this colour aswell. I tried to make the profile as simple as i could. for people that would like to change somethingSo you can change all the colours of the keyboard really simple.Sorry for any bad english mistake's if i made any xDThis is my second profile i made, so go easy on me >_

Full Spectrum

ayyy! I edited a thing!
Original profile made by "Schwitz"
original profile:
original website:
original video:
Schwitz' youtube channel:

what I did:
I took all of the original profiles, and put them all on one keyboard for the ultimate Spectrum experience.

edit: changed the "Corrosive" part to be less noisy (deleted "number wave" and "wave 6.0")

Cool Ray Effect

Basically when you press a key a white ray comes out and goes to the right.