Stranger Things Color Pack (9 Profiles) (Exclusive)

A color pack for my stranger things profile, called "Stranger Streaks". This is an exclusive profile pack for the people that help support my development with donations. All future color packs will remain as Patreon Exclusive. Thanks, everyone!

Christmas And New Year 2019 (6 Profiles)

Edit of previous years, updated for 2019, updated for all RGB devices. A new profile called "Candy Cane" is now included as per a request on the request page.


1. I want a Christmas themed colorway that is static

2. Hi, I would like to see some new Christmas lights for my strafe keyboard, I am not very satisfied with the old ones, so if anyone got something Christmasy, post it here :)


A super cool light and dark Metroid theme.
So it would make the most sense in my mind to have 2 different schemes based on the light and dark themes . For the dark theme it would be cool to have the keyboard kind of oscillate and fizzle around like it does on the cannon in this video and have an on key effect that has a waveform like the one in this picture

Titanium white

Simple and clean white profile.