Northern Lights

Profile meant to simulate the northern lights. Complete with meteors and changing gradient keys.


Inspired by Plasma Pods "Subtle Purple" profile, added 3 more colors (Yellow, Blue, and Green) and set up a profile switch on F11. Enjoy!


Fireplace by Daniel Landegger was once hosted by Corsair on their own profile sharing site, no longer in operation. By sharing this, I take no credit in its creation, but due to its popularity, is archived for others to enjoy.

Demon Hunter


Hey Alex, I would like to make a request for an amazing Demon Hunter RGB Profile for my Mouse (Scimitar), Keyboard (K95 Platinum), and Pad (MM800 Polaris). I would like it to use the class color (#A330C9) as a base point and proceed from there. With ripple effects, random keys lighting brighter or darker when static, and specific key press effects if possible. An example of a specific key press effect would be when pressing the 4 key, i would love for the entire keyboard to go dark and then have a beam of green shooting across the keyboard for 2 secs. This would mimic an eye-beam spell being cast. Also when Shift + 1 is pressed I would love for the keyboard to go dark again and have a ripple effect shooting out from the center of the keyboard in green as well. As if something smashed down dead center and caused an earthquake like effect. To give you a more accurate depiction of what those two spells look like: Eye-Beam: MetaMorhposis(Earthquake effect Request): If specific key press effects are not possible then I would still like a generic rgb profile with some amazing effects to showcase the feeling of playing on a WoW Demon Hunter. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!