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263 RGB Profiles Update

This update adds support for the new K100 and the new Elite coolers. I've also included individual files of each cue folders in the event that icue is crashing when attempting to import my cuefolders. The individual files will also automatically import icons and backgrounds just like the cuefolders did. This is one of the hardest updates I've ever had to do, I hope you guys enjoy and thanks for all your support on Patreon.

RGBeat | Corsair Audio Visualizer

An advanced and up to date audio visualizer for Corsair RGB devices.

Lord Of The Rings


Can you do a fancy static+reactive Lord of the Rings-themed rgb profile, with a ring in the center and some nice colouring?

Static Pastel Rainbow


Random static pastel colors spanning the whole keyboard.

Knight Rider Color Pack

A color pack for Lewis' Gerschwitz classic profile called Knight Rider that I made a long time ago. I will no longer be doing color packs for his profiles. Only for my own profiles.

Twelve In One

I've taken 12 of my favorite RGB profiles and did my best to put them in one effect.