Rainbow Six Mira


Can you make a mirror icon fro rainbow six? It looks like this: https://images.app.goo.gl/Qf1dqiPTFS5fwXyP7also can you could use the knight rider strobe for the top of the keyboard and the fans as well? Just make them purple, grey and white.

Psychedelic Dream


Hey man, new to this site. Love the work you've done so far. Was thinking about a possible new profile for my rig, but sadly I'm not that good at it. So wanted your help. Need something with Purple, Pink, Blue, Cyan kinda color mixes. Not much flashy or eye catchy and especially not with colors darting around with key presses. It'll be on its own, running at average pace (not too slow or too fast). Soft nice color waves of these and with these colors randomly popping around softly/slowly around the keyboard (kinda like your Aurora Profile). And perhaps even add something like key presses to have a white fadeaway. Hope it made sense lol.



Hey alex, could you make a Profile for the LED stripes that looks like Water or like the "shadow" in a Aquarium? Thanks!

Red And Blue Marquee


I'm trying to see if it is possible to create an icue profile for my RBG vengeance memory. That's the only component that I have. I'd like it to mimic the marquee, but alternating red (ff000) and blue (000ff). The Rain effect is pretty close, but it's randomized. I'd like it synced across all 4 sticks. Basically, a combo of the rain and marquee with those colors. I hope that makes sense. I've messed with icue a bit and I'm pulling my hair out.